Airfield lighting control system

 Airfield lighting control system of Persian Gulf International Airport (IRAN-Asaluyeh)


      Airfield lighting system of the Persian Gulf Airport is supplied through 33 sets of Constant Current Regulators (CCRs) and 7 sets of Circuit Selector for MCR (CSM) which are located in two different substations.

The airfield lighting control system is prepared the possibility of control and monitoring the airfield lighting system remotely via the control tower as well as two substations by using a fiber optic network.

      The status signals and functional commands between the control system and CCRs are communicated through the data network and by Modbus protocol. For this purpose each of the two substations and control tower are equipped with a SIEMENS SCADA & PLC system including CPU-S7-300, Modbus network cards, I/O cards, Ethernet network and fiber optic switches.


      The HMI system includes 4 working stations, two as Maintenance Stations in two substations, one as Operator Station in control tower and one as Administrator Station in airport technical manager office.