Khairgoo Gas Station

Khairgoo Gas Station Power Management System(PMS):

      The system is same as item No. 1 which is explained above.

We have designed the PMS system by using SIEMENS PLCs and equipment as below:

Central Processor Unit:  SIMATIC S7-400

Digital Inputs:                  480 Point

Digital Outputs:               128 Point

Analog Inputs:                 24 Point

Communication:             Profibus & 5 Port Modbus

Monitoring:                     WinCC SCADA Station

      The system is configured by considering an operation station in the main CONTROL ROOM for control and monitoring of different sections of electrical distribution network. The software is prepared in such a way to operate in three modes (Auto, Semi & Manual). The software is designed to prevent any influence in power distribution and to limit human faults smartly.

      In Auto mode with considering all of possible status, the control system executes the required maneuvers automatically to keep the correct function of electrical network.

In Semi mode, the control system executes the required maneuvers after the operator confirmation.

      In Manual mode, the operator can monitor the electrical distribution network situation from the main control room and also can send the commands to all the equipment in different substations.

      The designed PMS has possibility to record all of the maneuvers, equipment status & events and increase the fault detecting capability of the electrical network accordingly.